Job Placement Program

The Job Placement Program is run jointly by the Academic Staff and Human Resources at the College and is offered to all Student Teachers and alumni. The College places a heavy emphasis on practical experience as well as employability. We are proud to say that 95% of all graduates are employed within 3 months.

Job Placement: In a placement session towards the end of the course, senior staff at the College are on hand to assist each graduate in setting up interviews within the sector. The College has a long list of Language Education Centres who already employ our graduates in Europe, Asia, North America and beyond. Because our program creates such talented teachers, these employers are eager to have more graduates sent their way. All potential employers must pass a pre-screening process to ensure their positions meet best practice standards for the sector. Alumni have found work in the following areas:
CV and Application Assistance: Individual career planning services are offered by the College’s Human Resources department to advise Student Teachers on the application process:
Careers in EFL and Continued Professional Development (CPD): Careers and CPD will be explored during sessions with Course Tutors at the end of each course. Student Teachers will be trained to access sources of CPD and encouraged to continue developing as teachers. These sessions ensure:

The college's relationship with our alumni never ends. Once you have graduated from a course at the College, you will always be able to call on us for career advice and guidance. Our committment to you never ends, former students just need to reach out and contact us!