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About the Global English Teaching  Academy

Mission Statement

The Global English Teaching Academy and its associated Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCe) is an Austrian academy with a dual mission to help young people: Firstly, as a college, to provide a practical TEFL education for Student Teachers from the English-speaking world and Austria along with in-service teacher training for existing teachers to help improve language teaching in Austria and neighboring countries. Secondly, as a charity outreach, to promote language learning, social skills, and cultural exchange between English-speaking countries and Austria. We aim to reach every child in Austria with a free English project by the year 2020 and transform language teaching using student-centered communicative language teaching methodologies by bringing hundreds of young teachers from the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Jamaica, Australia, and New Zealand into Austrian classrooms.

Our Story

The Academy has partnered together with Austrian students, teachers and directors to promote English culture, language and sport in state schools, while providing subsidized teacher training courses for aspiring teachers. The academy’s ABCe initiative will reach all the children in Austria with a English project by the year 2020 while providing high quality education for teachers.
Over the past half a decade, our academy’s initiative has worked with 198,805 Austrian children and is in process of working with another half a million in the next five years while providing a scholarship to study teaching english as a foreign language to over 750 students from across the English-speaking world in cutting edge teaching methodologies like task-based learning (TBL) and communicative language teaching (CLT).

What makes us special?

State institutions often used teaching methods that focused on grammar, writing and reading, while neglecting communication, speaking and listening. There was a distinct lack of structure or support available teachers. The need for reform and opportunity for innovation was clear.

Our aim is to arm young teachers with the certifications, training, practice and knowledge to put themselves in a better bargaining position for their first TEFL job. We provide a supportive environment and guided introduction that unfortunately. We want to give teachers the opportunity to help children really learn.”

How do we make a difference?

What makes the Academy’s course offerings such a unique experience?  A great team of hardworking staff work diligently to ensure that all of our Student Teachers have a rewarding experience here in Austria. The combination of a TEFL teacher training course, teaching placement and study abroad experience is truly unique –to be convinced you’ll find that there is nothing else quite like it in Europe.

What kind of support should be provided for Academy students today?

The opportunity to teach and reflect on their teaching through a variety of observations. Through observing more experienced teachers, observing peers, being observed by more experienced teachers and observing themselves through video, observation becomes very commonplace and isn’t this big scary event that it usually is on training courses.

What are the main qualities in an applicant (new member of staff or aspiring teacher)?

Commitment and flexibility. Teaching is a hands-on profession involving people, not equipment. Things change, learners change, circumstances change. The Academy wants people who understand this and can quickly react to situations to make the best out of them.

How would you like each student to describe their time at the College after they graduated?

Life-changing. It is a chance for young people to see the world and have a positive impact on the lives of children through education.

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