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The Initiative specifically aims to reach pupils in rural and remote areas of Austria. It is an extremly rewarding feeling to be the first person from America, England, Ireland or other english-speaking country that these children meet in real life. Our student teachers are cultural ambassadors for their native country in the true sense of the word. This gives student teachers the perfect opportunity to explore the Austrian countryside, where lakes, mountains, and glaciers await - the hills are alive!


Austria is located in the heart of Europe and the college is centrally located in Austria within its Lake District, the region made famous by the film “the Sound of Music.” Austria is beautiful year round, with snowy winters and sunny summers. The opportunities for cycling, skiing, swimming and hiking are plentiful, and the scenery often breathtaking.


As part of the courses, trainees will visit schools across Austria: from the Czech border in the north, to the Italian one in the south; from Hungary in the east to Switzerland in the west. During their time on a TEFL course, trainees can expect to rotate between at least two locations for about four to eight weeks at a time. All College dormitories have shared bathroom facilities, kitchens and living areas.

The Austrian Lake District (Vorchdorf)

Ort castleOrt castle, Gmunden

Our main campus is set in the rolling alpine foothills and fields in the town of Vorchdorf, surrounded by the countryside, lakes, mountains, and glaciers of the Austrian Lake District. In addition, the nearby town of Gmunden offers a variety of cafés, shops and restaurants, as well as cultural events all year round. Gmunden's lakeside promenade and the picturesque castle Ort are among Austria's most famous sights.

The Vorchdorf campus includes dining, computing, and printing facilities as well as a small library. In addition to the main campus, the College has student dormitories located throughout Austria, serving as bases to ensure that our ABCi initiative can reach all children in Austria by 2020.

Vienna Wine Country


St Charles’ Church in Vienna

The capital of Austria and the birthplace of the Wiener Schnitzel!  Ancient palaces and gardens, beautiful city squares as well as a teeming cosmopolitan night life all combine to make Vienna a vibrant city. Vienna’s quality of life consistently ranks among the world’s best, so student teachers are sure to enjoy their time based out of a College dormitory/dormitory in our newly opened Pressbaum campus, only 20 minutes by regular local train west of Vienna.

The Pressbaum campus includes dining, computing, and printing facilities as well as a small library. From this base, student teachers will spend their time visiting schools in the states of Lower Austria, Burgenland and Vienna, home to Sigmund Freud.

The "Student Town" of Graz 

Graz Clocktower by Bernd ThallerUhrturm Clocktower, Graz

Graz is Austria’s second largest city and an international student town whose population increases substantially during term time. It's a vibrant place with a unique and very friendly atmospheres that combines Austrian lifestyle with an almost mediterranean climate. Student teachers will spend their time here based at a College dormitory about one hour outside of Graz in Wolfsberg either double or single rooms while visiting schools in the states of Carinthia, Burgenland and Styria, the birthplace of Arnold Schwarzenegger.


SalzburgSalzburg city and castle

Only about two hours' train ride away from our main campus awaits the Sound of Music! The famous 1965 movie was filmed in and around Salzburg, and if that doesn't give you an idea of the city's gorgeous scenery and architecture, we don't know what else will.

Roaming around the rest of Austria

Student teachers will work across the more rural areas of Austria delivering projects to children who may never have come into contact with a native English speaker. During this time, student teachers will immerse themselves in many different communities throughout diverse regions of Austria, both in the countryside and in more urban areas.

While roaming student teachers will be provided with typical Austrian alpine town accommodation in B&Bs, holiday dormitorys, hotels, and/or host families.


The experience for student teachers on this rotation will be something they will never forget. The breathtaking views, opportunities to explore beautiful countryside and terrain, and the interaction with children and communities will be very special. This is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Austria.

For more information visit www.austria.info/uk

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