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Information for Accepted Student Teachers

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Here you will find crucial information about preparing to come to Austria to take part in our teacher training program. It is essential you review our Pre-Arrival Checklist as soon as you are accepted on the programme. This is to ensure you have all your documents in order and the information you need before embarking on your new adventure.

Pre-Arrival Check

Student Visa Guide

If you are a citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU), read our Student Teacher Visa Guide to learn how to apply for a Student Visa in your home country.

NOTE: Due to the current political climate, we no longer recommend applying for your visa post-arrival. Please apply within your home country. Special circumstances may apply to third-party nationals already legally residing in the EU – Please contact us if you believe you fall under these special circumstances.

Student Visa Guide PDF

Program FAQs

This is where we have answered all our most common inquiries.  If you have a question about any aspect of the College or its programs, then it’s likely someone has asked it before!  Read through the FAQs linked below to see if we have answered your queries for you.

Follow this link to read the FAQs.