Employer Testimonials

"We have heard about your institute from some of your recent graduates who have applied for teaching roles with us here and who impressed us greatly. I believe that the varied introduction to TEFL teaching which you offer prepares teachers very well for a career in EFL. The candidates we have interviewed who have spent some months with you in Austria have shown a great understanding of communicative methodology and are highly active and seem ready for the real world of TEFL teaching."
- Simon Criswick, National Didactic Manager, My English School, Italy

"First, I wanted to thank you and your team personally for the work you are doing. The interviewing process for us this year has been somewhat arduous but we have successfully completed our “teaching team”, three of which being ABCi graduates, two from this year’s promotion and another from last year’s autumn promotion. The graduates from your college are doing great in their first teaching roles!"
- Kevin Smyth, Director of Studies, Keltic English Centre, Cáceres, Spain