Vorchdorf Campus (Gmunden)

Bahnhofstraße 13, 4655 Vorchdorf

The College was founded in 2011 and moved to its current headquarters in Vorchdorf in 2015 in the Austrian Lake District. A believer in the mission of our organization, entrepreneur and inventor Mr. Gerhard Riedl has graciously granted the College use of the historic Stenz villa and its surrounding campus. The villa once served as the private mansion for the owner of the neighboring Kitzmantelfabrik, a world-famous center for the creation of leather goods in the 19th century.


Pressbaum Campus (Vienna)

Klostergasse 8, 3021 Pressbaum

The Pressbaum Campus and dormitories (pictured) are situated in wine country just outside of Vienna at the edge of the WienerwaldThe English Teacher Training College is in the process of restoring the historic "Priester Villa" on the Sacre Cour campus in Pressbaum. This 17th century building was once the home of a Hungarian baroness who left it in the care of the Catholic church under the condition that it was always used for a good cause. 


Wolfsberg Campus

Frantschach 22, 9413 Frantschach


Bregenz Campus (Opening 2018)



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