Summary of Terms and Conditions of Employment


All advertised salaries are the starting salaries for a position. The College operates according to the Austrian wage schedule for our sector: All employees are paid monthly with a Christmas and summer bonus. See staff benefits here.

Hours of Work

Academic and Field staff work flexible hours starting between 6:00am & 6:30am and ending between 3:00pm & 3:30pm (with a one-hour lunch). Work times for office staff are fixed at either 6:30am - 3:30pm or  7.30am - 4.30pm or 9:00am - 6:00pm (with a one-hour lunch). We usually finish early on Fridays and have eight CPD training Saturdays a year with work from 7:00am -1:00pm. All time-keeping is done with an electronic timeclock.

College premises

For most field staff, after clocking in at one of our campuses, their place of work is a school in the field during the morning. Most office staff are based in an office at one of our campuses. Some members of staff have flexible or alternative arrangements that involve travel and meetings on the road.

Probation Period

All staff are subject to a probation period of three months during which time they work on a limited contract. During the first month of employment, either side may walk away from the contract with no notice and no financial penalties. An initial informal review will take place after one month with your line manager and a formal review after three months with Human Resources and your line manager. Your contract will be confirmed and made permanent (with no end date) upon satisfactory completion of the three month period. During this probationary period you will be given appropriate support and development opportunities to help you reach the required standards, but failure to do so could result in termination of employment.


Austria is a great place to live and work. Austria has 13 public holidays a year, the most paid and public holidays of any country in the western world. In addition, employees of the College are entitled to 25 days paid annual leave.

Holidays must be agreed with your line manager and Human Resources. Please also be aware of the College-wide holiday times over summer (August), Christmas and Easter, during which all staff are expected to take the majority of their holidays.


Any absence due to sickness, accident or a family emergency must be communicated to Human Resources immediately. A doctor's note must be provided on the first day of sick leave.

Sick Pay

Most employees are entitled to statutory sick pay (SSP) as long as they document and report their illness. SSP is paid in the same way as ordinary pay and is liable to tax and National Insurance contributions.

Notice Periods

There is no notice period during the first trial month. Either side may unilaterally terminate the contract without penalty. After the first month, unless your employment is terminated by mutual agreement, both you and the College are required to give a period of notice of three months’ notice. Your employment may be terminated without notice if your dismissal follows disciplinary proceedings.

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