Admissions and Recruitment Trip February 2018

At the start of February, our Admissions Officer Harry Ruffell and our Marketing and Sales Director Sereya Talirz visited several universities and career fairs in the U.K. Starting at a career fair in Coventry, they steadily moved north through England and ended with a fantastic day at Glasgow career fair up in Scotland. On the way they visited universities in; Nottingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Speaking to current students and graduates we were able to spread the word about the work the college is doing in education in Austria, and hopefully inspire some of those people to come and do the program for themselves. We spoke to a lot of people who were interested in gaining experience volunteering with a non-profit and registered charity, people who wanted to give something back and know how important good education is to the next generation and beyond.

We will hopefully be running another admissions and recruitment trip in the near future, possibly April/May time so keep a look out because you could be running into us in your university soon!

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