A day in the life of a Student Teacher

What does a typical working day for a student teacher on our TEFL scholarship look like?


Every week of the school year, our Student Teachers are out and about in different schools around Austria teaching English. We thought this blog post would be a fantastic opportunity for you to gain an understanding of what the average day looks like for one of our student teachers.


Getting up in the morning can be difficult, especially when it is early. But knowing that you have a great day of teaching to look forward to really helps (although so can taking a nap during the journey). Travelling to school can take anywhere between 15-90 minutes and this will alter what time we leave campus.  We are fortunate enough to be able to teach a variety of ages, from Volksschule (primary/elementary) through to Gymnasium (secondary school); however, we conduct most of our projects in NMS (middle school).

Most Austrian school days are 6 periods of 50 minutes, which gives us the opportunity to impart lots of knowledge. School normally begins around 7:30 and ends around 13:00.  We start the day with two language intensive lessons followed by two periods for workshops, and the last two periods are devoted to helping our pupils work on and develop their English drama productions. After school we travel back to campus, have some lunch and start our afternoon input sessions.

Input sessions and feedback run from 15:30-17:00 and are conducted by our experienced and highly qualified course tutors. This is the time in which the theory side of the CertTESOL is achieved and the input sessions can be on a variety of topics from within the TEFL world. Feedback is a great opportunity not only to learn from your Course Tutor but also to reflect on your own teaching, the positives and negatives of the observed lessons.

At 17:00 our student teachers return to their accommodation and have the rest of the evening free to do as they please.  Usually after sharing a meal our Student Teachers spend some time preparing for their next lesson plan or observation, taking on board the feedback given earlier and using it to improve their next teaching practice. It is a long day and overall the intensity is high, however, the reward and satisfaction make it all worth  getting up early the next morning and doing it all again.

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