New Milestones, New Partnerships, New Adventure

We are thrilled to officially roll out our new English Teacher Training College and ABCi logos! The logo redesign comes as part of a larger organisation-wide rebranding with the goal to visually increase the link between the two facets of the organisation. The English Teacher Training College and ABCi are two parts of a whole that share a common mission to help children and transform TEFL teacher training. In celebration of the redesign, let’s take a look at the other new and exciting things that have happened this past year and will take place in the year to come!

What’s new and exciting at the English Teacher Training College and ABCi?

Find out below!

New Design

The new logos represent the spirit of our organisation and the professionalism we strive for in all of our endeavours. The new logos can stand alone but are meant to be placed side-by-side where it can be seen that the colours are the inverse of each other creating both contrast and a visual connection between the two branches of the organisation.

Along with the logo redesign, ABCi has received a complete website makeover while the English Teacher Training College site has been revamped with our new branding.

New Milestones

On November 11, 2016 the English Teacher Training College and Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCi) celebrated its 5 year anniversary of helping children. It turns out marrying a TEFL training course with fun and interactive English projects in Austrian schools was the perfect way to make a difference in the lives of children and young adults alike. ABCi has reached over 200,000 school children since its beginning, with 80,000 just in the last year, we are well on our way to reaching every schoolchild in Austria by the year 2020.

New Partnerships

We are happy to announce our new partnership with the Austrian Ministry of Education (Bundesministerium für Bildung) and their recommendation of us on their website. The English Teacher Training College and ABCi has been working with the BMB in order to develop a curriculum that best serves the Austrian school system and the children we aim to help with our fun, active-learning based English curriculum. When developing our active learning curriculum, the academic staff kept the 7 tenets of Project Work in mind.

Additionally, we have added 10 new vans to our fleet thanks to our partnership with Porsche Salzburg. Porsche Salzburg has shown continued support by providing us with the means to travel around the country and deliver English projects to as many schools as possible.

New Program

On August 28th, we are happy to welcome a new group of Student Teachers to our first ever 5 ½ months TEFL Program which includes both the Trinity CertTESOL and Cambridge CELT-P. The TEFL-YL Program gives Student Teachers the opportunity to teach and travel around Austria while earning subsided world-recognized teaching qualifications. Student Teachers aid with ABCi’s goal of reaching every schoolchild with a free and fun English lesson by delivering Member English Projects and Outreach Project Days in Austrian schools. This valuable teaching practice not only develops the Student Teacher into an experienced and confident EFL teacher, it truly makes a positive impact on the lives of the children they teach.

New Territory

While continuing on our goal to reach every schoolchild in Austria, we are also expanding into neighbouring countries. ABCi knows education pervades national borders and every child in the world should have the opportunity for free education. We know that spreading English education, and doing it in an engaging and interactive way, will open doors for children in non-English speaking countries. This year we have delivered Outreach English Projects in Slovenia, Slovakia and Germany. Soon ABCi will deliver its first Member English Project in a Slovenian school. We are thrilled to be helping children in new countries and cultures and hope this trend continues.

New Campus

To facilitate our expansion into neighboring countries, this year we opened a new campus in Wolfsberg, Austria. Wolfsberg is a town in Carinthia which is nearly equidistant from Klagenfurt and Graz. We have welcomed wonderful new staff down there who are enjoying the beautiful lakes and scenery the southern Austrian landscape has to offer. Our Student Teachers have been taking advantage of the grills outside their new student house to have picnics and soak up the summer sun.

New Adventures

With the success of our new Wolfsberg Campus, we are excited to announce our plans to open a Bregenz Campus in 2020. This campus will serve western Austria, southern Germany, Liechtenstein, northern Italy and beyond!

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