Recommended by the Austrian Ministry of Education

Partnership with the BMB

We are very pleased to have been recommended by the Bundesministerium für Bildung (BMB), the Austrian Ministry of Education, on their official website. The English Teacher Training College’s Bilingual Classroom Initiative (ABCi) was founded in 2011 with the goal of reaching every schoolchild in Austria with a free, fun and interactive English project by the year 2020. The organisation president, Mr. Frank Carle, is a former Fulbright Teaching Assistant who loved teaching in Austrian schools so much that he thought of a way to improve the school system and integrate English project work into the curriculum and deliver it in a fun and engaging way.

Project Work

Project Work is the Austrian school system’s way of incorporating active learning methodologies into their curriculum. Schools select week during the semester to focus on a subject they really love and learn more about it in a hands-on way, rather through a textbooks and exams. Project Work must fit seven important criteria, which are as follows: reflects the interests of the participants, self-organisation and self-responsibility, aimed at a specific goal, interdisciplinary, increases social competence, has a positive impact on the larger community and incorporates all the senses. So where does ABCi fit in?

ABCi English Projects

The Bilingual Classroom Initiative offers Outreach English Projects and Member English Projects to Austrian schools in order to deliver native taught English lessons to Austrian schools. Outreach English Projects are free half-day or day long projects where our native speaking Senior and Student Teachers take over a school for a day and play games, sing songs, do sports and more – all in English of course! It is our goal to reach every school with one of these by the year 2020. Member English Projects are a way that parents and schools can support us by booking weeklong projects where ABCi comes and creates an active learning, immersive English environment for a week culminating in an exciting performance! Senior Teachers also support teachers by offering free CLIL seminars to teachers of any subject who are interested in the interdisciplinary use of English in their classroom.

The Bilingual Classroom Initiative has always been committed to working closely with the Austrian Ministry of Education to adhere to its guidelines and offer a program that is the most beneficial to the schools, children and community. We are honoured to be recommended on their website and look forward to continuing to serve the school system.

Are you interested in working with our Bilingual Classroom Initiative to offer fun, interactive English lessons to school children in Austria? Check out our TEFL-YL Program.

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