Why You Should Spend Your Summer in Austria

There are many great reasons to visit Austria all year round, but we have compiled a list of five reasons why summer is one of the best times to visit Austria! Where will you be planning your next summer holiday?

Our Top 5 Reasons

Why You Should Spend Your Summer in Austria

1. The Weather

If your idea of summer is hot and sunny, then look no further! Austrian summers have gorgeous weather and clear blue skies that support an endless number of outdoor activities. The temperature tends to be in the range of mid-20s to high-30s Celsius (80s-90s Fahrenheit), cooling off slightly in the evening. Most of the rain will have subsided with the end of spring so humidity is not an issue. The days are long as well, with the sun setting at 9 o’clock on the summer solstice – Don’t forget your sunscreen!


2. The Mountains

There’s nothing more Austrian than spending your Sunday hiking up a mountain trail with your family. With the spectacular mountain scenery Austria has to offer, it’s not difficult to see why. Mountains are visible across country, the most familiar – and surely the most grand – being the Austrian Alps. From Vienna’s Kahlenberg with its beautiful vineyards to Traunstein, noted for its treacherous passes – There’s a trail for everyone. If you’re not a fan of hiking, you can enjoy the mountain landscapes on scenic drives through the countryside or by hopping on a cable car. Make sure to stop at the Gasthaus for some traditional Austrian schnapps!


3. The River and Lakes

Despite not being on at the coast, you are never far from water in Austria. If you are in the city on a hot summer’s day and wondering where everyone is – They are at the Danube. The Danube (Donau in German) is a river which courses through Central Europe and empties into the Black Sea, is the spot to be to cool off in the summer. The manmade Donauninsel (Danube Island) offers boardwalk-like attractions including strand bars, music, an outdoor trampoline park and plenty of green space for picnis! If you are in the west of the country, no need to fret – There are several idyllic lakes to satisfy your swimming and lounging needs. Try Zell am See for its gorgeous scenery or the Traunsee if you want to witness Austria’s floating castle!

4. The City

If you are not a nature lover, there is still plenty to see in Austria. A country with a truly imperial past, its capital is fit for a king – or better yet – a Kaiser. Vienna offers an abundance of tourist attractions such St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace and the Imperial Zoo. Vienna is one of the safest cities in Europe and frequently voted the most liveable city in the world! If you are a Sound of Music fan you will definitely want to check out Salzburg as well. Quaint and full of traditional Austrian architecture and culture, Salzburg is just as alive with the sound of music as the hills which surround it.

5. The Events

Austria is never short on things to do. On top of the mountains, lakes and city sights, there are frequently festivals and events taking place across the country. From outdoor movie viewings to free museum days (first Sunday of the month in Vienna), many of these events won’t cost you a dime. There is also plenty of nightlife and music events for those who love to dance. Mark the Donauinselfest on your calendar at the end of June – It’s Europe’s largest free open-air music festival boasting top-billed musicians. Arrive early to secure your spot at the front of the stage!

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