Is It Too Good to be True?

When you apply for a scholarship to teach, study and travel with the English Teacher Training College, you are applying for a €10,000 value! Your scholarship covers your participation in the program as well as your qualifications (already a €4,000 value!) What else is included? Let’s have a look.

So what exactly do you receive?

What’s Included:

Free Accommodation

You will receive a bed in one of our shared accommodations. The CertTESOL Student Teachers split their time between our two campuses – Pressbaum (next to Vienna) and Vorchdorf (near Linz). The Pressbaum campus has dormitory style accommodation while the Vorchdorf campus has a converted flat. The CELT-P’s are based out of newly opened Wolfsberg campus.  Amenities (save beds) are shared among participants. Each Student Teacher can expect access to a kitchen, a study area/desk space, WiFi, wardrobe space to store clothes/belongings, a bathroom (with shower and sink), a toilet (and toilet paper), a washing machine, basic cleaning supplies and your own bed and bedding in a room with members of the same gender. Here is a link to a YouTube video of the Vorchdorf flat. (NOTE: The accommodation is provided for the ease and benefit of the participants; however, Student Teachers are not required to live in the accommodation and may find alternate housing.)

Basic Food Supplies

Student Teachers will also receive basic food supplies delivered to the flat on a monthly basis. This typically includes fruit, fresh and frozen vegetables, rice, pasta, sauce, milk, cereal, coffee, tea, Nutella, etc… The Welfare Team can amend the monthly shop if they receive feedback from the Student Teachers (e.g. more Nutella, less rice.) FULL LIST COMING SOON.

Teaching Materials

Have you ever seen one of our Student Teachers sporting a nifty polo and carrying an embellished over the shoulder bag? Well, you will receive TWO polo shirts and a bag stuffed with teaching supplies. Each bag includes: a flag from your country, a die, masking tape, hand sanitizer, magnets, a whiteboard marker, a beanbag, a whistle, and plenty of flashcards! (NOTE: The bag and shirt are on loan for the duration of the course. Student Teachers are asked to pay a deposit that is returned upon return of the materials.)

Program Related Transportation

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the English Teacher Training College boasts a fleet of cars. Each car is painted white and sports the flag of an English speaking country. These cars act as our main mode of transportation to and from schools across the country. Every morning you and your cohort of Student Teachers will be picked up from campus by your Teaching Practice Coordinator and driven to school for the day. Upon completion of the school day you will be driven back to campus. Make sure you look out the window and take in the breathtaking mountainous Austrian landscapes!

Graduation Dinner

At the end of the course, enjoy a nice dinner and drink with your fellow Student Teachers and English Teacher Training College staff. Oh, and don’t forget your certificate!

What is NOT included?

Your flight and transport from the airport

Unfortunately as a non-profit organization, we do not currently have the funds to pay for plane (or train, or bus) tickets from your home to our campus. You are responsible for bringing yourself to our campus on the first day. We are happy to provide you with information on how to find us. Make sure you also budget enough money to get yourself home as well – or to your exciting new TEFL job!

€105 Membership Fee

First off… why a membership fee? The way we are structured as a non-profit in Austria (gemeinnützige Verein, ZVR: 249983245), every staff member, Student Teacher, and Austrian student becomes a member of our organization. We request that Student Teachers pay this fee as a way of committing to the course. The €100 that each Student Teacher pays goes right back into the organization to help pay for teaching materials, accommodation, and so on.

€25 Printing Free

A new addition to the student accommodations this year are brand new printers. While studying for your Trinity CertTESOL or Cambridge CELT-P, you will have plenty of lesson plans to print. These printers will allow you to print out all necessary materials at your convenience. This €25 fee will cover paper, toner, and maintenance. (You’ll still responsible for planning your own lessons!)

€75 Deposit

This deposit covers your accommodation, teaching materials, and polos. Upon return of your materials (in good condition) at the end of the course, you will receive the deposit back in full.

Anything else you may require

If you require additional food, medications, and personal items or you want to travel on the weekends or eat a Schnitzel at a fancy Austrian restaurant with your new friends, make sure you budget for this! We suggest that Student Teachers budget an extra €150 for each month they participate on the course. This money will cover additional food, leisure travel, and recreational activities.

If you want to have a look at our 2016 budget, please check out this post.

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