How Much Does It Cost to “Make” a Teacher?

Let’s all take a moment to step back and have a look at the bigger picture. How exactly does this place work? Who is paying for everything? How is the course so heavily subsidized? Most of us got into teaching because we enjoyed working with people rather than objects. Many of us feel quite strongly that teaching is a calling, not just a job. But at the end of day, we need to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

Things like rent, car leases, fuel, course costs, training, accreditation, inspections, moderations, staff salaries, taxes, social insurance, equipment and travel add up fast. So what all goes into teacher training? How much does it cost to “make” a teacher? In the interests of promoting transparency about our not-for-profit mission, let’s take a look at the books together…

A quick look at the College’s 2016 budget gives us our answer: the college’s total revenue in 2016 was 1,281,100.00 EUR MINUS a 140,000 EUR Credit Line and outstanding loans of other 80,000 EUR, that leaves us with a real revenue of about 1,061,100 EUR for 2016.

So, if we divide that number by the 96 new EFL teachers that the college trained this year, that means the college is spending appropriately 11,053 EUR per student teacher, MEANING that the value of each scholarship to attend the course is in fact worth 10,953 EUR. Obviously, it would be difficult for the vast majority of our student teachers to afford the full cost of studying at the English Teacher Training College.

This is why we are all so proud of the fact that our courses have been structured so that each student teacher’s classroom teaching practice serves to subsidize their course fees – just like medical students putting in hours at a free clinic or barbers giving free haircuts at barber college. And that’s precisely how we are going to continue to revolutionize EFL classrooms, one student at a time.

Written by English Teacher Training College President, Frank Carle

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