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Chelsea Workman, originally from Columbus, Ohio, has been working and studying in Europe since 2012 and has been with the College since August 2016 as the Recruitment and Admissions Intern. Read more about Chelsea and the other College interns and staff here!

What is your name?

Chelsea Workman

What is your position at the College?
Recruitment and Admissions Intern.
How old are you?
Where are you from?
I am from Columbus, Ohio in the United States.
What do you miss most about the USA?
Salad bars, big cups of coffee and veggie burgers!
Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I studied abroad for my whole bachelor program – in Germany to be exact!
What were you doing before joining the English Teacher Training College?
Before moving to Austria and joining the College, I lived in Germany, where I studied International Management. There I also worked on my German skills, and taught English to students at my university part-time.
Describe a typical day in the life of a Recruitment Intern.
My job is to support the Admissions and Recruitment team by assisting them to find fresh faces to bring into the College as student teachers. In a typical day, I update our online recruitment channels, maintain the College’s social media platforms, keep in touch with Alumni and student teachers and interview applicants as necessary.
What is your favourite part of working at the English Teacher Training College?
So far I am really enjoying the flexibility that I have in my role here- I am allowed to create my own special projects and adjust my responsibilities as necessary. Plus there are so many opportunities to learn new things and develop myself professionally here, which is great, being a recent graduate.
What’s your best memory from working at the College so far?
My best memory from the College so far was when the HR department surprised us with an afternoon on Lake Traun in Gmunden for a team building event. My colleagues and I raced each other on electric boats and swam in the beautiful “Traunsee” against a great Alpine backdrop. I will never forget that day!
How do you enjoy living in Austria?
Austria already feels like home to me. In fact Austria is not very hard to get used to- the quality of life, natural beauty, and opportunities here are quite unparalleled. Besides that I love living in Austria because it is safe, and there is always something to do.
What do you plan to do following your internship?
I hope to stay on as a regular employee at the College and continue developing myself professionally. There are so many opportunities here, I am quite optimistic that I will find one right for me!
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