What Is It REALLY Like to Teach English in Austrian Schools?

Teaching in Austrian schools can be quite a different experience than teaching in English speaking countries… but never a dull one! Jeri, from the US, and Zoe, from the UK, talk about their first weeks with The English Teacher Training College.

Please describe your first week of English teaching practice in Austria.


“Initially I was terrified before my first week of teaching, I didn’t know how I could possibly look after, educate and entertain 15 Austrian children. But after only a short time in the classroom with my first class I felt at ease. The children loved the activities I did with them. It was brilliant to see the lessons we have learnt put into action and to see the improvements in the children’s language skills. I was very sad to leave my class at the end of the week, but I left school as a very proud teacher. I can’t wait to carry on my studies here.”


“It was my first week teaching. Even armed with step-by-step lesson plans and a double espresso, I arrived at my classroom door feeling less like a teacher and more like a ball of nerves that happened to have sprouted legs. Luckily those legs carried me to the front where I faced a room of bright-eyed 12 year olds. In the following moments, I did the unthinkable, I introduced myself and we started playing a game. The anticipation dissolved as I realized it was happening, I was teaching. Of course, this wasn’t the most technically challenging part of the week; I saw the pen clicker, the desk jumper, and faced the realization that creating clear, simple instructions is in no way simple. Though for some reason, none of these moments felt as scary as the initial step in the room. The students were at times challenging, always clever, and never boring. At the end of the week, I watched as they confidently performed English skits for their peers and parents. It was a lovely week and I can’t wait for my next group.”

Picture: Zoe (left) and Jeri (right)

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