Does a Cambridge CELT-P Certificate Lead to English Teaching Jobs?

This Student Teacher from London was nervous about teaching a full class of Austrian schoolchildren, but the valuable skills she learned from her Course Tutor prepared her to deal with any issues. Now Alice is a confident and enthusiastic CertTESOL qualified English teacher excited to go out into the TEFL world. Thanks to her time at The English Teacher Training College – and more than 220 hours of practical teaching experience – many opportunities await.

What’s your name?

Alice Dibblin.

Where are you from?

London, United Kingdom.

How old are you?


Did you complete the Beginner or Intermediate TEFL course at the English Teacher Training College?

I completed the Beginner course which includes the Trinity College London CertTESOL.

When did you complete this course?

Winter 2016 (early January to late March).

What were you doing before being accepted to the English Teacher Training College?

I was working as a volunteer coordinator at a sustainable development charity called Raleigh International.

Why did you choose to take this opportunity at the English Teacher Training College over other TEFL courses around the world?

I liked the idea of living in and exploring a new country and meeting new people. In terms of the course itself, the end result of gaining a teaching qualification as well as hundreds of hours of practical teaching in Austrian classrooms was very appealing.

How did you enjoy living in Austria?

Austria was wonderful and living in Gmunden was especially brilliant. I love hiking and being outdoors so being able to spend the weekends exploring the mountains was amazing.

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

I’ve really enjoyed the project weeks. It’s amazing to work with a group for a week and see them progress and gain confidence in speaking English.

What was the most valuable thing, professional or personal, that you learned during your time as a Student Teacher?

My very first lesson was very memorable. I had been very nervous beforehand and was quite apprehensive about behaviour management in particular. I had a very difficult student but used the behaviour management techniques I had learned from my Course Tutor which worked very well to reengage the students. I was able to successfully run the activities while encouraging the students to have fun learning English.

What did you find most challenging about the course?

The course is VERY intense with long hours and numerous assignments to complete with short deadlines. In these times it was so nice to live and work with such an encouraging group of Student Teachers. Each of us pulled through the tough times because of the support we provided each other. After completing the course, I know I have lifelong friends scattered all over the world!

How has your time and experience at the English Teacher Training College prepared you for pursuing employment either in TEFL or another industry?

I was very daunted by the prospect of teaching before the course, but I now feel confident, excited and inspired to teach English as a second language. Having learned and practiced the skills to become a successful teacher at the English Teacher Training College, I look forward to apply what I’ve learned to a career in teaching. Working through the intensity of the course has also developed my ability to be adaptable, resilient and organized which will be invaluable in the future.

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