Shy Guy to a Confident, Outgoing Teacher in a Matter of Weeks

Favorite teacher ever. I spent three months in Austria and I must say there is, hands down, no other organization that will provide such a condensed and diverse experience within the field of teaching. I went from a stuttering shy guy with perhaps more than slight fears of public speaking to a confident, outgoing, and effective teacher in a matter of weeks. At the end of almost every project week we had students shouting “you are my favorite teacher ever!”

Virtual Classroom

You are crazy, when will you be back?!” (with the occasional accompanying bar of Viennese chocolate). That enthusiasm would then transfer over into the virtual classroom, where our students from the weeks before would be back just to talk, ask questions, and above all sing songs! “Ryan can you sing us “bear hunt?” During my time in Austria I was waking up early and driving my colleagues to various tiny village schools throughout the Austrian countryside. The landscape is amazing, and combing through foggy sun sodden mountains was my favorite way to start an ABCi day. And if you somehow manage to learn nothing else in Austria, at the very least you will become really, really, really good at saying the word “Oachkazlschwoaf”.

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