Edd Talks About the Internship Opportunity of a Lifetime

Teaching English, Learning German

Four months in the sunny Alps – teaching English, learning German? “Sounds too good be true,” I thought. Turns out I was right – it’s been raining non-stop for the last two weeks! But apart from that, it was all true, and the experience turned out to be so much more than I could ever have imagined. My name is Edd and I come from Bristol, in South West England.

I actually come from a small town in the countryside near Bristol – Stroud – but no one’s ever heard of that. I found the advert for an ‘office internship with teaching experience’ one day while browsing Guardian jobs I didn’t really think I would get it, but thought I might as well try my luck and apply.

After I sent the application it all happened so fast. The next day I received an email inviting me to a Skype interview Thursday and less than a month later I was saying my goodbyes. I still wasn’t sure what I would find when I got here. I was nervous, and the 1000 kilometer drive ahead of me wasn’t helping much.

Teaching children

But two days later, when I arrived in Gmunden and met the ABCi team, my fears were put to rest. I’ve had an awesome experience doing something I never thought I would do – teaching children! And all with a beautiful Alpine backdrop.

Thanks ABCi!

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